American Girl Sells Virginity to Saudi Businessman for 2.9 Million Dollars

American Girl Sells Virginity to Saudi Businessman for 2.9 Million Dollars

One of the primary goals of the ruling elites is to destroy the economy and break down family units. These two things go hand-in-hand. Many girls now believe that it is better to prostitute themselves than work the 3 jobs necessary to climb their way up the ranks, which of course plays beautifully into the liberal feminist agenda.

Modern day feminists argue that being in love with the person you’re sleeping with is not empowering for women and girls. ‘Smart’ women are now demanding that men pay for sex, especially if it’s the first time around.

Men have always historically provided for women. The idea of a woman losing her virginity to a man who would financially support her is nothing new. In modernity, however, the only thing that has changed is that both men and women no longer have to shoulder the commitment and responsibility that formally came with the territory. This is the feminist version of progressive family values.

That seems to leave women in a not very good position. Their looks will dry up and they’ll be left high and dry. But, according to the sexual liberation movement being flaunted by major feminists, encouraging girls to sell their virginity is the more “progressive” approach to take in regards to their sexuality.

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