American Flag Creates a Hostile Environment… What????


In an interview with political satirist Ami Horowitz, Matthew Guevara shares his outlandish views that the stars and stripes can create a hostile environment for those in the room.

Guevara’s resolution passed by a 6-to-4 vote back in March. In the interview, he explained what prompted him to promote such a resolution.

“It was creating a very hostile environment just because of this flag being in the room,” he continued. “It doesn’t make people feel welcome at all to where people wouldn’t go in the space anymore because it was on the wall.”

Ami Horowitz leads with the idea that there is a legitimate view that the American flag represents hate speech.  Guevara agrees and states, “Yeah, exactly,” Guevara replied. “It’s a tool to silence people.”

He then is asked to identify evil in the world, and unbelievably Guevara, THE STUDENT AT AN AMERICAN UNIVERSITY,  said that the “U.S. is head hauncho in evil.  Blacks are the most oppressed group in the U.S.”

“It’s one of those philosophies, that if you want to make a country better you have to work on the most oppressed group.  That’s why people focus on transgender women, or black transgender women….” Guevara continues to expound on his views.

When asked if there is slavery going on in America today, Guevara said, “Yeah, it is going on, black people not being able to live in certain areas.”

Take a look…our children are being educated that our own flag is offensive. Why? Because the people that control this world want to destroy all sovereignty…

So..there can be no adherence to our flag…this is the destruction we are witnessing.





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