Down & Out in America: How Thunberg Can Get Back Home to Europe

Down & Out in America: How Thunberg Can Get Back Home to Europe

I call it, “The Thunberg Clash: Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

Once again, there are big decisions to be made on the part of the Swedish youth climate warrior, Greta Thunberg. She arrived in America less than two months ago with a singular mission of shaming the people of this slovenly, wasteful place and now suddenly finds herself stranded on the shores of a foreign nation among the very wealthy elitists, guests of the Hollywood Arrogant, and bankrolled by her Uncle George Soros, yet without a way back home.

To make matters worse, she has just discovered much to her dismay that the Climate Summit that she was to attend in South America has been suddenly diverted to her home continent of Europe! She is without a way there, considering that the crew with whom she traveled to the shores of this nation have already turned tail and flown back to Sweden! And they’ve taken the yacht with them!

What’s a blonde-haired 16-year-old Swedish girl to do in a country like this where they don’t go to the local 7-11 without a gas-guzzling SUV? How will she get to Spain?

Well, we may have the answer. Turn to the following page to see our suggestion and possibly the answer to all the future problems of the Left’s Climate Change dilemma!

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