Alan Keyes: Obama Is A Serial Killer In The Mold Of Hitler And Stalin

According to Alan Keyes, Obama showed “a hardline socialist ideologue, in the ruthless, self-worshiping mold Hitler and Stalin had in common,” during the 2004 Presidential race.

Keyes continues in his World Net Daily article that just as these men, Stalin and Hilter were mass murders, serial killers, Obama to could also fit into that mold one day.

He notes that “comparing Obama to a serial killer” isn’t so far off since modern history “offers ample proof that government officials who conform themselves to evil ideologies are more than likely to produce death tolls so massive that no word or phrase truly expresses the enormity of their crimes.”

Keyes contends that Obama's ideology, hard-line socialism, is evil and if taken to its furthest point would result in many deaths and crimes in the name of this socialist world view.

“I survey the evidence of Obama’s years in office, and the pattern of activity that emerges confirms my longstanding premonition that, like the hardline socialists of the 20th century, he is a harbinger of death, including the tragic death of the conscience, prosperity and just premises of my country,”

Source: Right Wing Watch 



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