Al Sharpton: President Trump is a “Symbol of Northern Bigotry”

Most people likely think of Al Sharpton as the deep state civil rights activist who hides behind the Good Book while masquerading around as a Baptist minister and television/radio talk show host.

On Wednesday MSNBC “Morning Joe” network weekend host Al Sharpton Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” also shared another one of his “gifts” – critiquing the President for not condoning institutional racism! Or at least one has to presume that is why he detests the President so much.

Establishment “activists” secretly benefit off of racism.

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” network weekend host Al Sharpton said President Donald Trump was “a symbol of Northern bigotry.”

He continued, “I think a lot of Americans look at Civil Rights and race relations in the South in the ’60s and miss New York in the ’80s where you had many, many incidents.”

He added, “They get away with it because don’t want to talk about up North kind of problems and Trump symbolizes it. Trump is as much a symbol of Northern bigotry as you have others that were Southern.”

Here is the video!



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