Al Gore: I am Correct on Climate Change, You Just Can’t See It

For as long as we can recall his name, Al Gore has been a famous exponent of the belief that anthropogenic global warming/climate change is a known fact. That fancy term simply means climate change as impacted by the activities of humans. There are three points that climate change enthusiasts such as Al Gore must demonstrate to gain credibility.

First, it must be proven that there is real and enduring climate change in progress, not that we are just in some very long cycle that will eventually move back the other way. If that can be proven, then it becomes necessary to show that humans not only can, but are the cause of that change. Finally, one must show that this change will have a detrimental impact on life on earth. If you can establish these three as facts, you have a powerful argument for empowering global entities to dictate policies to national governments, business firms, and people that will control their activities such as to preserve the planet.

So far, in spite of enormous efforts, this theory has not been proven, although there are those who would love for you to believe it has. In addition, good science predicts future events. In that regard, Mr. Gore has a problem.

On the final page we outline how the climate change business has been incredibly profitable for Mr. Gore:

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