Ailes: Donald Trump asked for $5 Million Donation to Charities to Participate in Debate

In the aftermath of Trump's skipped debate, both Donald Trump and Fox news have released statements attempting to explain how the partnership between the two media titans deteriorated, and who was ultimately at fault.

Right after Donald Trump's event, which was just ten miles from the concurrent Fox News debate, Trump boarded his plane with a CNN reporter and said that Fox had called and apologized multiple times for the ordeal. He insisted that they had begged the media frontrunner to return to the debate stage, suggesting that their advertisers were furious with Trump's absence.

It was typical Donald Trump bombast, and many were left wondering what truly went down between Donald Trump and Fox news Chief Roger Ailes.

Roger Ailes is now giving his side of the story, and it corroborates some of Donald Trump's statements, and refutes others.

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