Afghan Woman Suffers Savage Nose Amputation by Husband, Who Flees To Taliban

This type of mutilation is called rhinotomy and has been a means of judicial punishment, much of the time meted out to women for “sexual transgressions.”   The ancient Code of Hammurabi contains references to amputation of protrusions and throughout history Indian, Greek and Roman society utilized this type of punishment.  During the Byzantine era, this practice among the Arabs was quite prevalent, where women were subjected to this type of brutality.

Reza Cul, the mutilated wife, will have to have plastic surgery as her condition is critical.

The media and police did not specify the exact family issue that caused the horrific action. But in some areas, “slicing off a person’s nose is meant to shame them and show they have brought disgrace to their family or clan.”

بینی خانم ریزه‌گل توسط شوهرش در ولسوالی غورماچ با چاقو بریده شد

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Last month, a woman in Afghanistan told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Radio Free Afghanistan that “in some areas of the country” the woman’s in-laws check her sheets for bloodstains after the wedding night. If the sheets lack blood, the in-laws can “demand that their ‘damaged’ daughter-in-law be exchanged for her sister.” The country imprisons non-virgins “for adultery.”

“In some cases, a bride’s ears and nose are cut off,” she explained. “They are forced into dirty clothes and taken back to her parent’s home. Their heads are shaved. The bride’s family is told that she is not a virgin. Other times, a bride is simply killed and her body is returned to her parents.”

An Afghan law passed in 2013 allows the government to stone to death anyone found guilty of adultery. Rohullah Qarizada, a member of the Sharia Islamic law committee, said there must be four witnesses in order for a couple to receive the stoning. Human rights groups could not believe the Afghanistan government would bring back the punishment after Taliban rule regularly executed couples in public for allegedly having premarital sex.

Atrocious behavior like this has been a societal issue for thousands of years.  The mutilation of woman's face is a way to forever shame them, as it is cruel impairment to not just a face, but to the person's personality, altering permanently the “most noble and expressive part of the human body.”

Source: Breitbart



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