Actress with DNA Evidence of Her Rape at Golden Globes Mysteriously Falls Off Cliff, Dies

Native American actress Misty Upham was found dead in the woods after speaking out to her friends that she “feared for her life”.

Those throwing Harvey Weinstein to the wolves don’t really care about righting past wrongs. Hollywood no longer had any need for “god”, as Meryl “I’m better than you” Streep called the now disgraced mogul. So, they lifted Weinstein up as the source of all predatory evil in Hollywood, and the allegorical serpent Moses lifted up in the Old Testament to cleanse the camp of the plague wiping out their young due to sin (Num.21:9).

Charles Upham, father of Django Unchained, and August: Osage County star Misty Upham is once again speaking out about the alleged rape and the unusual circumstances surrounding his daughter’s death.

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