Activist Post: Zika is a Hoax, Here’s What Will Happen Next

Activist Post: Zika is a Hoax, Here’s What Will Happen Next

Is the Zika virus/microcephaly connection real? Perhaps this is the new swine flu where round everybody up and jam them full of a new-fangled vaccine. The snake oil race is on to cure the Zika virus… before you get it.

The sales pitches are rolling in to get a monster government grant for cooking up the cure to the new AIDS-lite.

“Get a vaccine! Or your babies will be deformed!” The carnival barking is coming our way via the water carrying mainstream media. The media will push the big pharma lobby’s talking points until people are getting poked with needles and begging for more when the first round runs out.

When big pharma lobbyists do well, many journalists get to go to good parties and are invited to excellent restaurants, just for writing a couple of hand-wringing articles. “Hey, you wanna go to the Capital Grille? Gimmie a post on Zika virus shrinkin’ some baby brains.” The Manhattan, D.C., L.A. news cabal can’t publish fast enough.

The media accomplices are the willing handmaidens who simply read blogs to steal news for TV tine slots and promote what their friends tell them too. Do you seriously expect these people to give you the proper view of a complex medical condition?

They can barely follow Kim Kardashian’s butt to the gym without being tipped off.

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