ACLU: Trump is Attacking “Black and Brown People” by Pulling out of Paris Accord

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) created eons ago to level the playing field between those who have and those who have not has been since coopted by the loony Lefties who have convinced 99% of nobody that the Earth is dying and the great extinction event is at hand.  Thankfully, eight years ago when we ordained Barack Obama as Holy Savior of the Planet, we were able to hold back the flood waters that would necessarily destroy the world because of Global Warming.  Like the mighty Atlas hoisting the world upon his great and broad shoulders, Barack Hussein Obama used a ballpoint Skil pen to sign the evil Climate Change into dormancy, effectively staunching the flow of the lava and Scotch taping the hole in the ozone layer.  We were saved…for eight years.

Now, the lava begins its deadly flow once again.  Here on Revillagigedo Island in Alaska, my home which is on the side of a mountain, safe from the churning deadly channel waters below, is soon to be submerged in the cold, icy saltwater, forever destroyed by the ravages of [DUM, DUM, DUM…] Climate Change!  That, despite the fact that millions of tourists have already booked their cruise ship voyages here to Ketchikan…but let us not distract from the truth, UNBELIEVERS!  The world is getting hotter!

Okay, enough of that.  The ACLU decided to post a couple of tweets and the gist of it is…well, you read the insanity for yourselves:

As Limbaugh and Hannity have been saying for…well, before Al Gore said the planet would be a fiery Hell by the year 2014…decades, the Left may deride Christians for their faith, calling us pathetic losers who believing in a big Sky God, but these same people go home at night and open the closet shrine to their Global Warming god (it's actually a Buddha statue with Al Gore's face glued to the front) and bow down (in a proper pre-approved Gaia-worship position) and pray that we climate deniers finally see the light of aurora borealis as it whispers its secret message to humankind:  “Stop the cows from farting…”

The person at the other end of those moronic tweets is no more qualified as a scientist than Leonardo DiCaprio or Fiona Apple, but mark my words, the ACLU and the rest of the entire government juggernaut will stand behind this idiocy as vigorously as they'll stand behind “Hillary Clinton was the most qualified person in the history of the United States to run for president.”

When the “Coming Ice Age” was announced in the 1970s, the Left quickly realized its mistake in initially allowing the climate alarmists to continue that narrative for a few years and that was the fact that, if the “Coming Ice Age” was real (and people began to believe it) it would raise the demand for fossil fuels and the creation of new nuclear facilities to stave off the frigid future.  That had to be nipped in the bud.  And it was.

Not long afterwards, in the 1980s, there began to appear videos in video stores (remember those?) where Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson predicted the END OF THE WORLD in 10 years if we didn't stop our wasteful ways.  The video was a free rental.  The Earth would get hotter and hotter.  Then “internet-creator” Al Gore announced his Global Warming initiatives and the Left was permanently and solidly on board.  Over the decades, as the hurricanes decreased, the winters became colder and snowier, they began to realize that more and more people in polling thought Global Warming Theory was a crock!  Oh, dear…

In an effort to “pivot and refocus,” Al Gore and his environmental minions began referring to Global Warming as “Climate Change” instead.  Hiring some clever screenwriters, they even concocted a film that showed a “Coming Ice Age” brought on by Global Warming.  I know…I know…I'm just the messenger.

Inevitably, with the Theory falling to pieces, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change email scandal (where “scientists” in the IPCC admitted in leaked emails to have “fudged” the numbers in the worldwide temperature data to continue to gain government grants) the movement fizzled.  As “Green Energy” became a multi-billion dollar business, even General Electric Chairman and NBC CEO Jeffrey Immelt was exposed as having been pushing this agenda all along, raising all the prices of its products to capitalize on “green energy,” by doing away with more inexpensive products.  In essence, they created their own theory to take advantage of a fear-mongering technique that went back to the roots of Leftism in the days of slavery, anti-integration, eugenics and KKK fanaticism.  This fear-mongering, unlike all the others in its dark past, however, was done for one purpose and one purpose only:  $$$$

When it comes down to it, the “green energy” fervor is already embedded in the world as an industry that continues to rake in the big bucks.  In short, it's not going away.  There's way too much money involved and way too many politicians and lobbyists, cronies and industrialists are getting sickishly wealthy over the frenzy.  The movies supporting it will continue.  The literature will continue.  But the Theory itself will never be proven.

A great example of why “climate deniers” are confident that all will right itself is God's perfect creation of the planet continuing to recycle its own outer crust and create new land mass.  The Earth is an extremely complex system that the mere human mind will never comprehend.  There is a very good reason why meteorologists can't predict the path of a storm, or even if there is going to be a storm.  When a true believer states unequivocally that the “science is settled,” they are firing an arrow in the sky from the top of the Tower of Babel.

Michael Crichton, throughout his long and storied career, was a Liberal and a true believer.  That is, up until he began to delve into the whole Global Warming frenzy.  He wondered many things and opted to look into it with an unbiased eye.  Over the course of his research for a book entitled, “State of Fear,” he became a “climate denier.”  I highly recommend the book.  In fact, if you want to know anything about the media's role in all of this fear-mongering, I encourage you to watch, from beginning to end, the entire lecture that Crichton gave at the Smithsonian Institute below that completely explains the Left in a nutshell.  CNN gets a particularly sharp jab from the acclaimed author.  If you prefer to read it, the full transcript can be found here:  An Evening With Michael Crichton

It's a ton of information, but succinct and cutting.  Before his death, Crichton converted and was a devoted critic of all things Left…which most likely explains why near the end of his career that he no longer got work in Hollywood.

The ACLU knows as much about Climate Change as it understands America.  It is just on the Left side and that, my friends, is not the RIGHT side.

I, Barry A. A. Dillinger, am NOT a Climate Change denier.  In fact, the sun just came out after two days of rain.



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