60k Pennsylvania Democrats Dump Party for Trump

60k Pennsylvania Democrats Dump Party for Trump

According to the GOP establishment Trump, can't do anything right. He has actually been converting Democrats into Republicans — theoretically, goal number one of the Republican National Committee — but even that is going unnoticed or unappreciated.

First, he was too unpredictable, but when he used a teleprompter for the first time he was ridiculed. Then, he wasn't specific enough, but when he began policy speeches, people claimed he had sold out. His ultimate problem — they claimed — was the limited range of his appeal. Now that he's cleaned up the last several contests by winning across every demographic, not even that seems to matter.

The #NeverTrump crowd looks as if they've begun to emulate the very characteristics they banded together to destroy. While they claimed Trump's supporters were nothing more than a cult of personality, Trump's detractors have become just as obsessed with his persona over his policy — only in a negative way.

To see Trump's latest achievement in Pennsylvania — one that the GOP establishmentarians will surely ignore or downplay — continue reading on the next page:

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