50-yr-old Transsexual Makes College Basketball Debut

50-yr-old Transsexual Makes College Basketball Debut

For a society as obsessed as it is about the safety of young women, modern America certainly is full of contradictions. Obviously you don't need to be told that to get an idea of what it means. With all of the uproar surrounding the recent rape and sexual harassment cases spreading around America's college system like a wildfire, you'd think that people would now see the problem in having a pre-op transexual man in the women's bathrooms and locker rooms.

Gabrielle Ludwig a transexual student at a community college in Washington has made her (his?) debut on the basketball court. And you don't have to look hard to find her (him?). Ludwig is not only a foot taller and over a hundred pounds heavier she (he?) is also about thirty years older than everybody else on the team. This is the 50-year-old student's second time on the court, the first as Robert John Ludwig back in 1980. Despite the complaints about this, the league commissioner isn't about to fold.

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