50-yr-old Transsexual Makes College Basketball Debut

After Robert changed his name to Gabrielle, his sports record was wiped, allowing to be eligible to play for two full years. At 6'8″ and 220 lbs, Ludwig is an intimidating force.

Central Valley Conference, Commissioner Logan McKechnie said, while Luwdig is tall, his state certification as a female is all that matters. “I don’t think, frankly, fairness enters into it,” he said.

Parents complained upon learning a 45-year-old transgender man, who still had male genitalia, lounged naked in the women’s sauna at Evergreen State College in Washington State. The locker room was frequented by girls as young as six.

The National Center for Lesbian Rights released a series of proposed guidelines for how schools and coaches should deal with transgender athletes.

“Transgender student athletes should be able to use the locker room, shower, and toilet facilities in accordance with the student’s gender identity,” the report stated.

She (he?) shares showers and locker rooms with college girls, as well as lounges naked in the women's sauna. The National Center for Lesbian Rights also proposed that any college who doesn't follow their guidelines be disciplined. This is what America has become . . . contradicting and perverted.

Source: americanjournalreview.com




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