40-Year Friend of Trump: How They Intend to Remove the President

There's something about the term “Deep State” that is very troubling. One one level, given the meaning attached to the term, it sound like something conjured up by those who have overactive imaginations.

Yet powerful interests, often connected to major financial institutions, do exist. And for obvious reasons, these people would prefer to fly under the radar as much as possible. It's also not outside the realm of the possible that intelligence services might be involved as part of this collection of power-brokers. If the term Deep State fits such a group, then so be it.

In the interview below conducted by Alex Jones of Infowars, Roger Stone alleges that the Deep State is dedicated to removing the president from office due to his views on matters such as globalism, immigration, trade, nationalism, and other issues, all of which conflict with the wishes of the Deep State.

Hence, according to Stone, many of the claims that President Trump is unfit to serve have been attempts by the Deep State to force him out of office. Claims that hundreds of psychiatrists and psychologists believe he is mentally unstable would have been one such effort that gained insufficient traction to accomplish anything.

Of course, given the subjective nature of such accusations, and the loons that infest Congress, it's likely you could find a collection of psychiatrists who might claim half of our Congressmen and Senators are mentally unhinged. Such is the nature of all of this.

In any event, Stone claims that the Deep State's next attempt will be by a claim that President Trump is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's Disease. The strategy is to get the vice-president and half of the cabinet secretaries to declare the president unfit to serve which would trigger the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and the president's removal from office, replacing him with the vice-president.

It seems as far-fetched of an idea as one might imagine. Also, keep in mind that one cabinet member is a medical doctor, and while he is a surgeon and not a psychiatrist, his professional reputation would be on the line should he for some reason side with such a coup.

We will listen for any such suggestions that President Trump has that degenerative disease. If that accusation takes root and spreads, it will be worth following.

In the meantime, you can listen to Mr. Stone's interview and draw your own conclusions.

UPDATE: Clinton's Labor Secretary, Robert Reich, is now calling for the removal of ‘isolated,' ‘paranoid' Trump by using the 25th amendment:

Update: This position is now the cornerstone of recent legislation by Democrats to remove the President:

Democrats Push Bill to Remove Trump from Office



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