3D Chess: Trump Fools Liberals into Demanding Investigation into Election Fraud

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that creates a new commission to look into voter fraud in our election systems nationwide.  In the interim, they will look into the accusations of widespread “hacking” that has been continuously leveled by Leftists since the humiliating defeat of Hillary Clinton and the Liberals' inability to accept that their candidate was a terrible choice.

ABC News has been reporting on the story today and in the opening lines of their report, have pinpointed “voter suppression” as a main objective of the commission.  Liberals are always yapping about the “reality” of White oppression and how Blacks are alienated from the polls by such intimidation.  One of those methods of disenfranchisement is the requirement that Blacks have voter IDs (completely missing the point that everyone is being asked to show ID, not just Black Americans).

This begs the question, if there is not rampant cheating and fraud, why not require an ID.  The Liberals always point to several issues that they feel causes Blacks to stay away from the polls (despite the fact that more Blacks voted for Barack Obama than all other presidents before him).

Liberals on the lower end of the food chain (i.e., university students, professors, rioters, antiFA protesters) are being taught to believe that Black Americans are being driven from polling places through voter suppression.  Remember that there are the Hispanics and the Illegals that are also part of the Democrat voting bloc, but the Liberals never name them as being suppressed.  First, because the Hispanics are not.  Second, because illegals are not legally allowed to vote.

However, the unwashed Liberal masses are being trained to believe that Blacks are being disenfranchised from the vote through White oppressors who are dead-set on keeping Democrats away from the polling places.  They believe that Blacks are, a) Incapable of reaching a DMV because Blacks (apparently) don't have automobiles, b) Unaware of where the DMV is located (because that's kept secret), c) Voter IDs allow law enforcement to target Blacks when patrolling the streets by keeping track of their whereabouts, and d) Blacks are too stupid to use a Smart phone or the internet in order to fill out an online application for a voter ID.

If you're furrowing your brow and scratching your head, it's not just you.  In fact, as Ami Horowitz proved in his video last year, it's not even Black Americans.  He asked a bunch of Berkeley students in California about voter suppression and voter IDs and they, of course, spewed the above reasons why voter IDs are a bad idea.  Then he asked a bunch of Blacks in New York City about voter IDs and the answers are 100% hilarious.  When Horowitz reveals to them what the Berkeley students said, the responses are priceless.

Getting back to the executive order, ABC is excited to have the Russian hacking story promoted and investigated through said commission, however, it appears that this is rolled up in the whole mix of voter fraud examinations.  The integrity of the voting machines and the people who are appointed to positions of authority over these systems will be part of the examination.  I might add that the U.S. Postal Service may even have to be included in such an investigation.

If you recall, there was an incident in San Pedro, CA, in the last election where 83 voter registration forms were delivered to ONE ADDRESS!  The neighbor happened to have noticed them piled in two rubber-banded stacks on the mailbox.  He noted that the house was occupied by a single elderly woman and later called the police.  The registrar's office reportedly commented that they didn't know how it happened, but would be investigating.  That's the last I ever heard from that story.

ABC has been snarky nonetheless.  In the report, they managed to editorialize by ensuring that Trump makes accusations of voter fraud “without supplying evidence.  That, beside the fact that they have never provided evidence of their claims to support incidences of voter suppression.

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, Trump claimed widespread voter fraud explained why former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton emerged with nearly 3 million more popular votes. To date, neither Trump nor his team has provided evidence to substantiate the claims, but they have promised an investigation.

“You can never really find, you know, there are going to be — no matter what numbers we come up with there are going to be lots of people that did things that we're not going to find out about,” Trump told ABC News' David Muir in January. “But we will find out because we need a better system where that can't happen.”

ABC also makes sure to let you know that election officials have made claims to the contrary, that rampant fraud is not a reality.  Of course, election officials admitting widespread wrongdoing would be the equivalent of Establishment politicians telling you that there's “nothing to see here.”

The announcement is the latest indication that the president intends to pursue action, as promised, on his controversial and so-far unsubstantiated assertion that “millions” of people illegally cast ballots in the 2016 presidential election.

An ABC News fact-check in January 2017 found the claim about massive widespread voter fraud was disputed by election officials across the country. After contacting officials in all 50 states to ask for the number of voter fraud instances in the 2016 election, the 20 states that responded all said voter fraud was not widespread. Most said “very” or “extremely” rare. In 3 of the country’s 4 most populated states (ie. California, New York and Florida), election officials say they found zero cases of voter fraud this past election. And a study published this month by the Brennan Center for Justice at the NYU School of Law found that 40 in 42 jurisdictions researchers studied, there were no known incidents of non citizens voting in 2016.

And by the way, in what universe has it ever been okay for the American people to trust a “fact-check” by the mainstream media.  That is exactly like entrusting the security of the henhouse to the fox!

The commission's findings will be collated and published sometime in 2018.  According to officials, they will allow the facts to lead where they may.  In the meantime, be prepared to endure the constant drumbeat of “Russian hacking” for at least another year.

Source:  ABC News



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