30-Year-Old Secret Document Reveals of European Union Deceit to Destroy Sovereignty

Many are not aware that the European Union as it was established in 1998 was actually a years-in-the-making project that was conceived in the 1960s and had taken hold in the 1970s.  Without a viable monetary system, the EU was slowly coming to realize that it needed capital first in a big way to make the dream reality.

What was the dream?

Socialist Utopian Society.

At least that’s what they told themselves. The initial stabs at making this reality were feeble because the mechanism was not quite ready to serve the European public.  What it needed was a “believer” trigger that would catapult into a position where the capital would begin to flow because the belief among the common man was there.

In order to accomplish this “belief,” they could have chosen to let everyone in on the secret:  that the European Union would be a Progressive, highly communal idea that would base all of its finances, military and legislation on a number of select officials who would act as proxies on behalf of all member nations in the Union.

Fearing that this would backfire, because (after all) the Left does not feel comfortable in its own skin if it’s telling the truth, they opted for Plan B.  They would lie their butts off!

The next page reveals a 30-year-old secret that the bigwigs of British Parliament kept in order to outright deceive the citizens of the United Kingdom to give the perception that Jolly Old England would retain its sovereignty in a European conglomerate!NEXT PAGE »



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