2016 Will Be The Worst Year Yet For Obamacare Penalties

2016 Will Be The Worst Year Yet For Obamacare Penalties

Remember when those fighting against Obamacare warned how exorbitant the costs would be, yet the left screamed, “They are trying to scare you!”?

Welcome to the reality bites segment of Obamacare, the “Penalty Phase”.  Not only has Obama and his cronies forced all America into purchasing something that is over priced and for many not affordable, but will punish the individual with a penalty…aka tax, if one does not buy said insurance.

Americans who choose not to get qualified health care coverage, for whatever reason, will get a hefty hand slap in the form of a financial penalty each year they don’t have insurance.

Americans who filed tax returns in April this past year got a glimpse of the “Affordable Care Act” fines for 2014 for not having insurance and 2015 promises to be much worse. But wait, 2016 is even more tragically promising.

On the following page one can see a breakdown in these penalties and what is to be expected this coming year.  Nothing affordable at all has come out of this albastross called Obamacare.

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