200 Mirgrants Carry Our Well-Organized Assault on the Eurotunnel

Two police officers and four migrants suffered minor injuries during scuffles, local authorities of the Pas-de-Calais region said.

Around 100 of the migrants managed to walk as far as 13 miles into the Channel Tunnel during the mass break-in before police intervened to stop them getting any further.

“The migrants entered the south tunnel and went quite far, around 13 miles,” said the top official for the region, Fabienne Buccio.

A Eurotunnel spokesman described the latest incident at its Calais terminal as a “massive invasion and intrusion by a very large and coordinated group”.

He added: “It’s clearly an organized attack when it comes in such a large number; there are over 100 in this one group.

“They arrived together an in a well-organized manner, broke through the fences and all clearly knew where they were going. They are being gathered up by the police authorities.”

“While they are on the track we have, for safety reasons, to suspend the service. Once that's done we will be able to restart” said a Eurotunnel spokesman.

Eurotunnel said train services were suspended for safety reasons after people were spotted on the tracks, but no passengers were trapped on trains as a result of the incident.

“While they are on the track we have, for safety reasons, to suspend the service. Once that's done we will be able to restart,” said the spokesman, adding: “It's a very coordinated and well-managed process but it's a very large group of people and it's dark so it will have to be done very carefully.”

The company has recently implemented extra security to try to prevent Islamists getting onto the tracks, forcing migrants into attempt more desperate or organized attempts to gain access to the terminal and trains.

The spokesman said: “Quite probably because the security at the tunnel is strengthening every day, with the new fences being put up, new security installations and additional staff, it's becoming much harder for invaders to get through in small numbers.

“This looks like quite a carefully coordinated and organized attack, possibly to raise the profile of their situation or as last-ditch attempt before the new fences are up.”

Well, their situation is not getting sympathy from the general populace, only the Euro elites. And the fences probably need 24 hour armed guards to keep them from being destroyed by the invaders.

Europe brought this upon themselves. They have generously agreed to commit cultural and physical suicide to placate the invaders who seek to destroy them and all they are. Everything in Europe must be destroyed to accommodate Islam…and the continent is allowing it.  See it in the video…







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