Pipe Bombs Found In San Bernardino Shooters’ Garage

Although Farooq and his wife were Muslims, law enforcement is reluctant to classify the two as terrorists, claiming that no motive has been found yet. Nevermind the lengths they went to ensure as much carnage as possible: if we don’t know the motive for this act of terror, then it isn’t an act of terror! Breitbart notes:

“USA Today also notes that the fleeing couple apparently threw bombs of some sort at the police during their high-speed pursuit, but these devices were ‘found to be inert.’ The bomb they deployed at the scene of the attack also failed to detonate.

The couple was also said to be in possession of thousands of rounds of ammunition, with hundreds of rounds stashed in their vehicle.

‘They were equipped and could have committed another shooting, but we intercepted them before that,’ said San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan. He said Sayeed Farook, who had no criminal record, legally purchased the handguns involved in the attack, but the rifles were provided by an as-yet unidentified third party.”

Sounds like terrorism to me! But what do I know?

Source: Breitbart



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