Jesse Jackson: We Will March Until There Is A Change In The Police Department

Sheriff Clarke challenged Jackson’s faulty assumption that the police culture was the problem and not the culture of violence in the black community that makes the presence of police necessary.

He also suggested that the march was purely for self exploitation, as doing a march on Black Friday, in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, hurt those who are innocent in this situation Clarke said that it only brings pain to the shoppers and the shop owners and infamy for Jackson.

Disrupting the tradition of Black Friday shopping on the Magnificent Mile was Jesse Jackson’s goal so his name would be on the lips of all the shoppers.  He claimed he arrived in Chicago because of what he calls a “police culture” that must be brought to the public’s attention and in this case the public were those who were shopping for Christmas.  Jackson’s choice of days, choice of incidents and rhetoric is for his benefit alone and not to actually see change in a positive manner.  He will disrupt those who have no skin in the game, in order to to get his moment of recognition.

He added, “The whole city must say that this behavior is unacceptable and must stop. We’re going to march until there’s a change in the police department, a change in the state attorney’s office, and those who have suppressed the tape are made public.”

The tragic shooting of seventeen-year-old Laquan is already on the public’s radar, as the leftwing media has given it plenty of air time, so Jackson does not need to “help” them out.  His claim that,  “We challenge the behavior and the culture of the police. You know, one policeman killed Laquan. It was his twentieth infraction and he was still on the payroll. Now other police saw the killing and never reported it was the murder it was. So that’s culture. The culture must change”, was challenged by Sheriff Clarke on Fox Business Network.

Clarke pointed out that Jackson uses situations like this police shooting to gain media attention. His desire is not to change the violent culture found in the black community, but rather profit from the tragic anomalies when a police officer is found allegedly breaking the law.  He pointed out that Jackson does not use the high crime of black on black to make a statement and a positive change, but rather capitalizes on those that fit his narrative.

Clarke stated that the rally in Chicago headed by Jackson “highlights, I believe, the self-centeredness and the selfishness, and it’s the nature of this group. The people who are going to participate in the tradition of the Magnificent Mile, the retail that goes on in that area, had nothing to do with the Chicago police shooting. Many of those people are from out of town, they’re not even from the state of Illinois, the city of Chicago, and the retail that goes on down there has nothing to do with city government. This is an exploitation of a situation and once again, Jesse Jackson tries to totally dismiss the black-on-black crime, 433 homicides year to date…and he has the gall to stand in judgement of what he calls a police culture, but he didn’t talk about the culture of the black-on-black crime. The black criminals, and all the violence that goes on in the city of Chicago, the fine city of Chicago, even the South Side, with many law-abiding citizens down there, that’s no big deal, but every once in a while, we have an anomaly like we have here ,and, by the way, this officer still retains his presumption of innocence, he has not been convicted of anything. I saw the tape. You know what, anybody who says that someone walking down the street within the lunge area that police officers know about with a knife is not a threat, does not understand the nature of policing, and the reasonable law enforcement officer standard. But the process, which I talk about incessantly, that I believe in our criminal justice process, they’ll figure this out, and I believe that they’ll get it right.”

Source: Breitbart



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