There’s a New World Order Coming, Just Not the One the Globalists Were Predicting

new new world order

Brexit and the election of Donald Trump offer concrete evidence there are growing movements that are fed up with globalization, open borders, and the destruction of nation-states. Perhaps the proponents of globalization such as George Soros got caught flat-footed. Or perhaps the wave of popular rebellion against these self-anointed exponents of eliminating the nation-state has just been too strong for the globalists to stop.

One thing is sure — 2018 is going to give us a good idea of the strength of the backlash against globalist powers, it’s getting to a ‘do or die’ point.

That the liberal media is furious over this can be seen in the slanted viewpoints expressed in the following which purports to be news.  Note the use of the terms “fringe” and “extremist.”

A New World Order is set to emerge next year as huge political changes sweep across Europe including the rise of the mega-alliance under Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Putin’s growing power and Trump’s extraordinary US Election victory are both herald’s of a growing movement against the established world governments.

Anti-establishment parties raging against the political class could sweep to victory in a swathes of elections next year and change the face of the West.

From Germany, to France, to the Netherlands – fringe and extremist parties are gaining momentum hand over fist and looked primed to seize power.

Notable victories have already been won – with a shocking referendum win in Italy causing Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to resign in a move said to pave the way for the collapse of the EU.

Globalists are concerned that the EU might get relegated to the dustbin of history.

There are six key elections coming up in 2017 which could very easily be won by right-wing parties with nationalist policies which would spell the end of the EU.

France would be the big one.  There are others including Italy, Germany, Greece, and the Czech Republic.

Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s National Front, could be poised to take power after the election in May in a move which could pull France out of the EU.

She has described the coming year as a “global revolution” after the election of Trump and the victory of Brexit.

Mrs Le Pen has promised to pull france out of NATO and “push migrants who want to come to Europe back into international waters”.

None of this is difficult to understand or explain. People are tired of seeing their cultures and ways of life denigrated and trampled underfoot. It’s not about intolerance or hostility. It’s about asking guests to their countries show some respect and act like guests as opposed to invaders intent on destroying existing cultures and selfishly demanding that their hosts commit cultural suicide to accommodate their agendas.

There appears to be a New World Order coming, but it defies the original, globalist characteristics. This one is based on the integrity of the nation-state and its culture. And globalism has no part in this configuration at all.

Of course, many believe that Brexit, as well as Donald Trump, are actually part of the NWO plan:

Is Brexit and the Trump presidency all still a part of the grand NWO plan? While one clings to the idea that Trump is out there fighting to defeat the NWO, and certainly everyone needs break from overwhelming fear in seeing this incoming evil, but it is difficult to envision that a system that has obviously been rigged for decades would allow such a threat to take hold.

Still, no ‘common person’ knows what is really going on behind the scenes. Many offer evidence that the NWO has been on the verge of defeat for some time and are now receiving their death blows. Only time will tell.

Source: Daily Star



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