REPORT: How the Clinton Foundation Smuggled Uranium into Iran

Let’s backtrack a bit to 1998 when a fantastic iron ore mine was discovered in Yazd, Iran.  Years of surveillance by the Israeli intelligence offered nothing in the way of it being anything other than what it appeared to be.  A few years later, they also uncovered veins of gold, but not to the point of profitability.  Months before the Uranium One deal is signed and ready to go, an announcement is made by the Iranian government that they have discovered uranium deposits in the Yazd mine!

This is significant because, up until now, there was a prohibition on the mining of this material.  The Iran Nuclear Deal between Obama and the Iranian government, in which negotiations he promised the American people that Iran would never attain nuclear weapons (without Congressional approval, mind you) allowed the government to begin this search for uranium.  With an illegal payment to the regime by Obama in the amount of $400B, in addition to a secret shipment of an additional $1.7B in foreign currency and unmarked bills, this was ripe for an investigation.  Why all the secrecy about Iran in particular.  It seems that, years earlier, Iranians were apparently already searching for uranium, however…at least in appearances they were.  Remember that most experts at the time believed that there were no “significant deposits of uranium” inside Iranian borders.

The Yazd Iron Ore Mine in Iran that “miraculously discovered uranium”

It is my belief that this mine in Yazd is, in fact, just an iron ore mine, as it was originally touted to be back in 1998.  It is my contention that the mine is not producing uranium, but that the announcement was a ruse.  If the Russians were close to netting this deal with the US through Rosatom and the collusion of Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, Erick Holder and Aimen Nabi Mir, they might just have greenlighted the announcement to coordinate the acquisition of uranium through the Russians from the US with the “miraculous discovery of uranium” at one of their old iron ore mines!

Let’s look at the facts about this mine.  How do we know that the mine is now producing uranium?  We have two confirmations of this.  One is the Iranian government.  If we couldn’t trust them then, why would we trust them now?  The other is the government of China.  Another very reliable source, right?

So, the Iranians discover uranium (vast amounts, according to Chinese officials and who have also facilitated the delivery to Iran of Russia’s “heavy water” supply – more on that in a bit) and the Russians take hold of a fifth of the American supply of yellowcake uranium whose shipment overseas is not track-able by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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