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Obama Ends Food Stamp Programs In Nov: The American People Are Pawns

Obama Ends Food Stamp Programs In Nov: The American People Are Pawns

Obama is using the American people as a pawn in his game to get what he wants.

He is having EBT shut down immediately in November, which poses the threat of riots, amongst other things.

If this doesn’t raise alarm with you about this man’s true feelings about the American people, nothing will!

It seems Obama is trying to be hated!

Read the USDA letter HERE


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 UPDATE: (related story) DHS prepares troops for Food Stamp riots

Source: Fox 13

Fox 13


  1. Youeer
    Youeer July 17, 15:39

    This is a lie. Anyone can make a website, create a blog and tell stories. I work as a caseworkers processing food stamps. The program is not going anywhere, before anyone would know, I would get informed and also Nursing Homes residents are allowed to have food stamps SNAP is the program so law will not allow the elderly to go without. And anyone who knows the program knows it’s called SNAP, they did away with food stamps years ago and changed the program name years ago!!!! Don’t believe everything you read, research people, read peer reviewed articles not blogs.

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  2. Tia
    Tia July 21, 21:15

    He’s not trying to be hated but remove the cruch which is enabling people

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  3. Destiny
    Destiny July 28, 01:51

    You are all dumbasses tbh. Obama has been an excellent president. Obviously none of you know anything about the government to be saying “Let’s impeach him!” He would have to have done something super serious to be impeached. Just because you can’t get off your lazy ass to find a good job to buy food doesn’t mean you have to hate. XD I mean seriously. And a lot of people I know trade their food stamp to other people for drugs. So

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  4. JAR
    JAR August 16, 11:22

    This took place in 2013…read people!!!

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  5. tweety32
    tweety32 September 11, 03:57

    What about pennsylvania i depened on the foodstamps i get i am on my own now and working only one day a week

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  6. Brenda
    Brenda September 12, 19:12

    Each county should have a place where people who are eligible for food stamps can get healthy food each month. That way the tax payers money isn’t going on pop and cigarettes and no one starves. Also have someone deliver to the older or handicap. It would save money but wouldn’t be taking the help away and we would actually know where the tax payers money is going.

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  7. sweetsuga
    sweetsuga September 30, 03:22

    Shame on Obama for taking away ebt what about the children ?

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  8. Shay
    Shay October 04, 19:30

    This is part of his plan to stir up enough strife that it will allow him to declare martial law, & shut down America.

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