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NY DHS Will Pay You $500 To Rat Out Fellow Citizens Buying Legal Goods

NY DHS Will Pay You $500 To Rat Out Fellow Citizens Buying Legal Goods

New York’s Division of Homeland Security is posting signs on businesses to encourage people to snitch on fellow citizens who buy such things as MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), ammunition, flash lights, match containers, gas masks and other items deemed to be ‘prepper’ in nature.

The government isn’t only destroying our country, they want to know who’s aware that they are doing so. The government wants sheeple, so anyone aware enough to be preparing for the chaos about to ensue at their hands will be re-educated at some later point.


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  1. Cryer Jonathan
    Cryer Jonathan April 23, 17:53

    They should focus their attention on the federal agents within those walls who regularly trade bootleg movies, music, software etc…… I know, I was one!

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  2. Dennis Jeffrey Clark
    Dennis Jeffrey Clark April 23, 18:41

    Not Homeland Security,the people that work there….

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  3. C.e. Williams
    C.e. Williams April 23, 18:44

    Let em rat me out- when they see that flash of light when they bust down the door and realize the hot burning pain is buckshot that just took off both their legs as they lay there dying on the ground knowing it’s end of watch and wondering, was it worth it-

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  4. Darren McManus
    Darren McManus April 23, 18:50

    This is how$#%&!@*started. Exactly.

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  5. Darren McManus
    Darren McManus April 23, 18:53

    They call you terrorist so they can legally rade your home. They do not want you to have any means of survival without them. Or they wont be able to control you. They want us to perrish.

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  6. Mikey E
    Mikey E April 23, 23:08

    Id do it and rat out public officials

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  7. Wayne Cash
    Wayne Cash April 24, 03:06

    Can you say$#%&!@*Germany?

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  8. Michael Smith
    Michael Smith April 24, 05:02

    #AMERICANMADETRUMP# #GOTRUMP# Thanks 1-800 Trump: Press 1 to get rid of Obama Press 2 to get rid of Clinton and Obama Press 3 to get rid of Congress Press 4 to get rid of the all. There is no more Republican or Demarcate Party, It’s a #TRUMPPARTY#

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  9. Ron Post
    Ron Post April 24, 05:03

    Sounds like$#%&!@*Germany’s before WWII

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