Will Conservatives Be Sent To Re-Education Camps?

Will Conservatives Be Sent To Re-Education Camps?

Our right freedom of speech in this country is quickly giving way to ´political correctness´. Mainly, conservatives are under attack and in this commentary, Wayne Allyn Root from Personal Liberty cites examples of how conservatives are under fire.

For example, Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones expressed how he was disgusted when first openly gay player, Michael Sam, kissed his boyfriend on national TV. Don Jones was sent to “training for his recent comments made on social media.”

Another example is when Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich, lost his job for making a donation a few years ago to support Prop 8, the ballot initiative that barred same-sex marriage in California. So now someone can´t make a political donation and occupy a position of power if their position is ‘offensive'?

Intolerance of self-expression by the left is killing our right to free speech and in the end does nothing but create a society where the weak and thin-skinned act as police to reduce individuality, which is foundational to making this country strong. Of course, loss of individuality is completely necessary for a socialist state.

Source: PersonalLiberty.com
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