Evan McMullin Asks the CIA to Resist Trump, Calls Him a ‘Domestic Enemy’

Evan McMullin was once considered by many to be a potential savior for the Republican Party. Now that his campaign has fizzled and Donald Trump is president, he seems more likely to be a thorn in its side:

Former CIA operative and 2016 third-party presidential candidate Evan McMullin took to Twitter and CNN on Wednesday to defend rogue intelligence agents who break the law to leak classified information, saying President Donald Trump “presents a threat to the country.”

In response to President Trump’s tweets earlier Wednesday, in which he alleged that elements of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Security Agency were engaged in “Russia”-style political operations, McMullin tweeted:

The obvious implication was that McMullin believes that intelligence and law enforcement agents are entitled to break the law based on their own views that the President of the United States is a threat to the Constitution and in cahoots with Russia.

Mcmullen reiterated his views on CNN, where he purported to speak for the concern of the agents doing the leaking:

“I’ll tell you what their concerns are. There concerns are that Donald Trump presents a threat to the country because of his — what they see as his relationship with Vladimir Putin and the relationship of his team to other Russian intelligence officers.”

McMullin’s assertion that Trump is a domestic enemy would be absurd coming from the left — but McMullin is conservative. The only thing that the two have in common is that they both lost big. And now they’re both acting like sore losers.

Source: Breitbart




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