Biological Warfare Just Got Scarier, What You Need to Know About RNA Interference

Use the term genetically motivated organism or GMOs and most people are going to straight-up look at you like you’re some kind of health nut or wealthy liberal. It sounds like something that the out of touch folks in CA are whining about to just hear themselves talk. But, the reality is GMO foods are actually a part of the establishment’s goal for weeding out and weakening the populous.

You’d never think of pouring your toddler a bowl of cereal if you knew someone had soaked the Cheerios in untested chemicals not yet shown to be safe for human consumption.

The EPA just told Monsanto they could go ahead and bypass spraying our crops with carcinogenic chemicals like Round Up and just go ahead and breed them right into the crops themselves. Using a process called RNA interference, Monsanto’s RNAi plant will supposedly kill pesky rootworms when they come along to chomp on them- but what else will these genetically modified crops do to beneficial bugs, the soil, and human health? The EPA has no idea, because they haven’t done a single trial on RNAi-altered crops.

But that is exactly what the EPA and giant food corporations are doing with food labeling or the lack thereof.

Nonetheless, the EPA quietly gave Monsanto a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card by allowing them to move forward with their genetically modified corn strain. Some are calling this a genetic weapon, in its infancy. Others are concerned that RNA will have ramifications for the biosphere that – just like all of Monsanto’s other products – don’t come to light for years to come.

GMOs sound harmless on the surface. You got to keep in mind that they designed these things originally to help libtards feel better about global warming and 3rd world hunger without actually doing anything. But, then the whole Whole Foods craze came along and their cover was blown. So, they reinvented their marketing angle to frame it as a CA elitist thing to get all the sane people, not in cohorts with globalist food industry giants off their scent.

And you couldn’t give something a more boring term then RNA interference but it’s important for 3 reasons:

Regalado, one researcher who helped discover RNA describes it this way,

The cells of plants and animals carry their instructions in the form of DNA. To make a protein, the sequence of genetic letters in each gene gets copied into matching strands of RNA, which then float out of the nucleus to guide the protein-making machinery of the cell. RNA interference, or gene silencing, is a way to destroy specific RNA messages so that a particular protein is not made.

Gene silencing doesn’t just influence plant DNA. Proteins in food send signals throughout the body activating natural processes or functions in our genes to maintain healthy bodies.

We do not know for sure yet how RNA interferences will effect human health and DNA processes because the EPA is allowing Monsanto to bypass any trials of these controversial products. This is not normal!

For instance, the National Honey Bee Advisory Board said in comments submitted to the E.P.A. before a “meeting” in which this controversial genetic technology was to be reviewed,

To attempt to use this technology at this current stage of understanding would be more naïve than our use of DDT in the 1950s.

DDT is a synthetic organic compound formally used as an insecticide until researchers discovered after much use that surprise-surprise a chlorine aromatic hydrocarbon like DDT remained in the environment and become concentrated in the heads of animals at the top of the food chain.

And once again, what is even more terrifying about this development is that Monsanto and other giant food corporations don’t have to disclose if crops are grown using genetically modified seeds!

GMO corn has taken over thousands of other possible crops we could be growing, in field after field of mono-cropped, industrial agriculturally influenced support of the Standard American Diet – up to 70 percent of which contain corn products (high fructose corn syrup, corn solids, etc.)

“If you put a label on genetically engineered foods you may as well put a skull and crossbones on it

– Norman Braksick, President of Asgrow Seeds, a subsidiary of Monsanto

Who feels comforted?

We need to be asking why people like former President Obama and other global elite corporations keep successfully lobbying to not inform the public about GMO ingredients.

Here are the 3 questions people should be asking themselves when it comes to GMO products:

  1. How do you feel about chemically based ringworm pesticides, not just sprayed on mass produced crops, but genetically engineered to become part of the plant you eventually eat?
  2. How do you feel knowing they haven’t tested if this worm pesticide seed hybrid is safe for human consumption?
  3. How do you feel about knowing that you will not know if these untested pesticide hybrids are used in foods you buy at the store?

Source: Waking Times


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