Obama Prepares to Sign Monsanto Dark Act

Obama Prepares to Sign Monsanto Dark Act

Americans determined to know what is being put in their food will have a much more difficult task after President Obama signs a new bill that effectively protects biotech giants.

Although he once campaigned on the idea that people “have a right to know what they're buying”, Obama has since reversed his stance on GMO's and made his administration one of the most friendly towards corporations like Monsanto. Thus, it will be no surprise if he signs the so-called Dark Act, a piece of legislation that makes labeling of GMO's the exclusive province of the federal government.

At first glance, this might seem like exactly what anti-GMO activists have been calling for: mandatory labeling of food products made through GMO processing. The way the labels will be written however, is so vague and inaccessible to consumers that it defeats the whole purpose of the measure, allowing Monsanto and rival corporations to run roughshod over the food we eat.

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