Zika Survivor: ‘I Could Feel My Skin Shrinking’

That a growing number of Americans like this landscaper are reporting having contracted Zika is something that should concern readers. The virus, which has some truly horrific effects on not just victims but their offspring as well, is being studied by the relevant authorities in order to find a way to contain or even eradicate it:

Health officials say there are seven reported cases of Zika virus in Massachusetts. All are connected to people who were traveling abroad. Now they also say mosquitoes capable of carrying the Zika virus can now be found in 30 states.

The man says he had a rash all over his body and his temperature reached 110 degrees.

The virus has been linked to severe birth defects and some neurological complications in adults. “As far as I know people die because of that because of not the right treatment and they got a lot of blood samples from me,” the man said.

This week mosquito spraying will begin throughout the state. Normally it’s for West Nile Virus and EEE, now there is added concern of the Zika virus.

Source: CBS Local



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