Youtube Cowboy Goes Viral After Taking Down Anti-Trump Protestors

Youtube Cowboy Goes Viral After Taking Down Anti-Trump Protestors

The endless whining of liberal millennials as provoked some utterly heinous developments and policies, but also some truly hilarious reactions.

This, of course, is because there is much to find funny about this latest generation of Americans. Combining the harebrained idealism of baby boomers with the materialistic narcissism of Generation Xers, millennials not only exhibit the worst traits of previous generations, they also manage to amplify them through the power of social media and other technological advances. This puts them in positions of power and influence that were previously off-limits to their ancestors and forefathers.

So when hundreds of thousands of their fellow Americans disregarded their oh-so-important opinions and voted for Donald Trump, these young progressives cried foul and began calling for revolution, with many organizing protests and riots to express their anger at the fact that people dared to disagree with them. And while they have the right to express their anger, others have the right to say why their anger is misplaced.

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