Young Mother Allegedly ‘Drugged, Abducted and Raped’ by Gang of Migrants

Immigration is more than just an issue in the United States.  It's a huge problem in Europe, and is the source of much controversy as pro-immigration forces are pitted against those who see their cultures being destroyed. When you add violent acts by migrants to that mix, the tensions only get much worse.

So we now have the alleged gang rape of a 26-year old mother in London by men from the Middle East.

The 26-year-old woman believes her drink was spiked during a night out, leading to her waking up in a strange house covered in cuts and bruises. She has no memory of getting there.

It's difficult to imagine a more brutal crime.  The anger over this crime is compounded by the origin of those who have been arrested.

Police have arrested six men from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain on suspicion drugging and sexually assaulting her.

Highlighting the tensions that exist between the communities, demonstrations quickly ensued.

MailOnline reports the attack led to violent protests as nationalist demonstrators took to the streets, clashing with members of the local Muslim community.

The globalists who support open borders and the lax enforcement of immigration laws are directly responsible for the destruction of western culture.  This is more than just an academic discussion.  It's one that has a real impact on human lives. And as we see in the current case, that impact can be tragic.

It's not a problem that is going to just go away.

Source:  Breitbart



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