Young Migrant Stabs Swedish Refugee Center Worker To Death

The motive for the attack is unknown, and police have not commented extensively about the case. Her relatives have been informed, and they were quick to voice their anger and sorrow to the media, which was completely justified.

Miss Mezher’s cousin described her as “an angel.” She told Swedish media: “It is so terrible. She was a person who wanted to do good, who wanted to be good.

“And then he murdered her when she was doing her job. We have cried a lot. She was such a nice person, warm and happy.

She added: “It is the Swedish politicians’ fault that she is dead.”

The constant violence, physical and often sexual, is a growing epidemic in asylum centres across Europe. Violence is often directed to Christians, LGBT people and female asylum centre workers often bear the brunt of sexual violence in the centres.

In Germany the violence toward LGBT people has grown so out of control that the city of Berlin has built special asylum centres just for them. The Lesbian and Gay association of Berlin-Brandenburg had at least 95 accusations of violence toward homosexual and transsexual refugees in the Berlin area from August to December of 2015 which occurred mostly in asylum centres.

Christians are another group that has been singled out by Muslim migrants for violence, leading an Orthodox Christian priest, Hegumen Daniil, to comment, “Christian Refugees from Syria, Eritrea, and other countries are exposed to humiliation, manhunt and brutal harassment at the camps for refugees by Muslim neighbours.”

So why aren't we hearing about these things from mainstream American news outlets? The idea that the liberal media and the left as a whole are so adamant about standing up for these migrants, who hate women and the LGBT community is completely baffling. The Swedish government and media are under scrutiny for allegedly covering up migrant crimes. We'll see how much longer they can hold that charade.




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