World War III: How NATO and US are Preparing for War with Russia

World War III: How NATO and US are Preparing for War with Russia

Over the past several years, turmoil across the Muslim World has dominated headlines around the world.  Radical Islamic terrorists have attacked targets in virtually every single continent except for Antarctica — so far.

Until the last couple of weeks, Islamic terror was the primary issue for many Americans.  But after two police shooting of armed black men — and the subsequent ambush slaughter of five police officers in Dallas — race relations have occupied the headlines more than anything.

But, there is a conflict brewing in Eastern Europe that has dire implications for every man, woman, and child around the world — the rapidly escalating tensions between the Russian federation and NATO forces.

The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance recently announced plans to send more troops to Russia's western border to ward off a Russian incursion into the Baltic region.  Russian President Vladimir Putin responded by increasing Russian troop deployments as well.

With the situation seemingly hurtling towards a violent collision, many are asking, “Could we be looking at World War III?”  European leaders met in Warsaw, Poland over the weekend to discuss this possibility.  To read more, continue on the next page:

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