World War 3: Russia Highly Likely to Defend Syria with Nukes

World War 3: Russia Highly Likely to Defend Syria with Nukes

Americans should prepare for the worst because if things keep going the way they are, we could be looking at World War 3.

In a move that will shock even the most hardened political observer, Russia announced that it will consider any invasion of Syria by foreign powers an act of war. This threat was made after Saudi Arabia's own announcement that the country was ready to gather a massive army consisting of forces from all over the Muslim world to enter the war-torn country and turn the tide in favor of the jihadist “rebels” fighting Bashar Al-Assad.

Making matters even more dire is that the Russians have already said they will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if they feel their national interests are jeopardized. The prospect of thousands of Muslim soldiers overrunning one of their key allies will undoubtedly register in their minds as such an instance, so it's almost certain that they will deploy their nukes in the region.

Since Saudi Arabia is our ally, the government will tell us that we have no choice but to launch our own nukes to avenge their defeat, effectively turning the Cold War hot 25 years after it ended.

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