Womb Transplants for Transgendered Men on the Horizon

Womb Transplants for Transgendered Men on the Horizon

We enjoy technology, modern conveniences, and luxuries that our forefathers could never even have imagined. Just the time saved by these advances have lead to leisure time formerly reserved for the rich. On the other hand, we also have advanced to the point where we have raised difficult issues our forefathers never had to consider.

The sexual revolution of the 1960s, partially enabled by the invention of the pill, and the liberated sexual expressions it made possible, have not been without consequences. The legalization of abortion and its funding by the government pushed the envelop further. Only some unfortunate diseases have remained to spoil the sexual utopia that was the goal.

With transgenderism being a topic of some debate and interest, the marriage of the advances in medicine with the elimination of social and sexual norms is about to lead us into yet another strange, new world.

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