Woman Steals MAGA Hat, Reports Man for ‘Encouraging Genocide’

Woman Steals MAGA Hat, Reports Man for ‘Encouraging Genocide’

According to one liberal college activist, your belonging doesn't belong to you if they support “genocide” and “racism”. Furthermore, they can just steal those belongings and call it a day because “F*** free speech” and socialism rocks.

A Trump-supporter attending the University of California had his MAGA hat stolen by a fellow student who went ballistic when administrators arrived to mediate the disagreement – THEFT.

Campus Reform secured video footage of this incident depicting a deranged feminist student taking the MAGA hat to fight racism and more…

Continue to the next page to find out the dangerous mentality brainwashing students into hating free speech – while believing they have the moral high ground to assault people!

WARNING – Video contains explicit language and not suitable for all ages.

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