Woman Forcibly Euthanized in Socialist Netherlands, Doctor Cleared of Wrongdoing

This article is a cautionary tale of exactly the type of chilling effect that a complete loss of the sanctity of life can have on society. The story is indicative of what could creep up onto the very shores of this nation if the Progressive Left has its way.

Where the Left loves to point to Europe and its state of enlightenment and care for the common man, while indicating at the same time what a mess it is here in the US with our non-Socialist healthcare system, it can sometimes be lost on the public just how insidious the Democrat Party is when respecting the wishes of those who near the end of their lives.

Holland is often held up as an icon of understanding and culture beyond anything attained in America. Yet, just a short three years ago, a Dutch woman was drugged by her doctor and put to death by state-sanctioned euthanasia while family members restrained her…all the while against her wishes!

Read on the following page about this horrific example of just how far Socialists in Holland or anywhere else in the world will go in order to “thin the herd” of the elderly, infirm, and those deemed not worth keeping alive!



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