Woman Calls For Trump’s Assassination

In a country being destroyed by stupid/liberal people, very rarely do you hear stories about those said people getting what they deserve. In a twist of fate that would make any Conservative want to give God a high-five, Kalen Rahim was actually fired from her job for calling for the assassination of Donald Trump.

“…as it turns out a bunch of people were listening to the police scanner yesterday around 7:30 when a cruiser was dispatched to this young lady’s house. But they weren’t going to investigate the threat, they were going because SHE called the cops. Apparently she was fired from her job today, and consequently she wants to file charges against Turtleboy Sports for……something. Because if you’re a millennial in 2015 then nothing is every your fault and there should never be consequences for poor decision making.”

The woman alleged to have called for Trump’s assassination, Kalen Rahim, has made her Twitter and other social media accounts private.

This is the kind of story that restores hope for America. As it turns out, the Secret Service was aware of the woman’s threat and started an investigation meant to ensure Trump’s safety.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com




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