A Woman Allegedly Assaulted by Bill Clinton Drops Bombshell About Hillary

Hillary is supposed to be the champion of women, yet the women who became tainted by Bill Clinton, were not championed but rather demonized and harassed for telling their stories.

Kathleen Willey, one of the many women who accused former president Bill Clinton of sexual assault, told interviewers she expects a “scandal a day” during Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, adding that the former first lady had done nothing to deserve the post.

Willey, who was a Democratic Party activist, said  she had been groped by President Clinton in the Oval Office in 1993.  Her character was attacked, as she was harassed by the Clinton cover up machine, though she never changed her story.

It’s a great irony that the first woman to have a reasonable shot at becoming president has gotten there merely by championing the public shaming of women simply unlucky enough to be hit on, if not sexually assaulted, by her own husband.

With all of the hero-worship coming out of the media in the wake of Hillary’s announcement, it’s funny that there was little to no mention of the women whose life she’s played an active part in ruining.

Hillary wants the White House at any cost.  Her ethics and morals are non-existent and if she has to destroy women in her path to be the champion of women, then so be it.

Source:  Conservative Tribune




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