WHO: Bubonic Plague Alert Issued for 9 Countries

You likely learned of the bubonic plague in school. More commonly known as the Black Death, this pandemic wiped out nearly ⅓ of Europe’s population during the Dark Ages. We may no longer be living in the Dark Ages, but that doesn't mean this threat has disappeared.

The World Health Organization has just announced the most deadly version yet of the bubonic plague has reappeared in 8 different countries. This version of the plaque is taking on a pneumonic form. That means it spreads through the air by things like coughing or sneezing.

Even though the bubonic plaque is only rapidly spreading in 9 countries so far, that doesn't mean this isn’t posed to be the biggest population decrease of the 21st century. Medical experts are warning that it will be spread through air travel all over the world.

Head on over to the next page to view the list of 9 countries currently afflicted and the mortality rate given for this pandemic.




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