White Man Goes On Hunger Strike Until Race Demands Are Met

John Cowan, a white graduate of the University of Kansas, is going to be hungry for a while, as he starves in solidarity with a radical activist group called Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk, until their 15 demands are met.  He promised that he would “die or go to the hospital” if certain demands were not met. (One would think going to the hospital to keep from dying makes more sense.)

Cohan is a victim of brainwashing at the university level and suffers from delusions of “white privilege”.  He stated to Journal-World, “I’m kind of at an advantage because of my white privilege, so my suffering is self-inflicted. Others don’t have that choice. It’s inflicted upon them.” He also wants his starvathon to highlight racial bias as well as sexual violence.

Some of the demands that Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk and Cowan are making include the ““mandatory, intense” racial re-education workshops for all students, an increase in the enrollment of illegal immigrants and the hiring of a multicultural affairs director.”  More demands can be read on page two.

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