White House: Only Republicans Are Upset About Iran Holding US Sailors Hostage

The White House and Barack Obama are getting defensive with the Republican backlash against the handling of the Iranian detainment and release of 10 US sailors. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest implied during a press conference that Republicans were unpatriotic for questioning the handling of the situation.

The pictures and videos released by Iran, which showed the sailors on their knees apologizing, with one female sailor wearing a hijab during her captivity, was prominent during the Republican debate. With Democrats hardly touching the story at all, the Republican candidates showcased their resolve to ensure that the US forces and the nation itself will never be so abjectly demeaned again.

Josh Earnest remarked that, had the course offered by the Republican presidential hopefuls been taken, the country would likely be in an all-out war with Iran. Earnest also made no comment on when or if Obama would move to take his foreign policy decisions more seriously.

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