White House: Priority Is Fighting Climate Change, Not ISIS

According to Jen Psaki, the White House Communications director, the United States should be fighting climate change instead of ISIS. When pressed by an NBC news anchor she stumbled on her words and then went on to say that issues like climate change are more important because America is the global leader. That, of course, is a follow-up made to President Obama’s Stat of the Union Address in which he claimed that America is the greatest nation in the world, period and that no country dares to mess with us. While he made that statement, ten Navy sailors were stuck in a cell in Iran.

Making ridiculous comments like the ones Psaki and President Obama made is the perfect recipe for making the rest of the world despise us. Not to mention that Russia, who we once had a non-conflictual relationship with has just deemed the United States a threat. You can watch Psaki make herself look like an idiot in the video below.


Saying that climate change is more of a threat than ISIS is like bleeding in shark infested water and being more concerned with a future storm that probably won’t happen. Every year President Obama has spent in office, the United States has become more isolated from the rest of the world. At this rate, America won’t have to worry about ISIS, we’ll fall to our own stupidity.

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