White House Petition Calls For Trump’s Arrest

White House Petition Calls For Trump’s Arrest

A White House petition to arrest Donald Trump for incitement has hit its goal.

While it is the wet dream of democrats to see the Donald and millions of their republican neighbors frog-walked for imaginary hate-speech, the White House should be above the fray in both it's defense of the first amendment and they should insist on a modicum of dignity regarding White House petitions.

While casting an image of demagoguery on Donald Trump, President Obama seems content to passively stir passions in the electorate by encouraging his networks to circulate drivel such as this.

Nothing would lend more strength to the movement backing Donald Trump than an authoritarian “arrest” over some imaginary incitement.

The existence if this petition exemplifies what Trump supporters are railing against; A government that has lost it's focus and a ruling class desperate to suppress their momentum in 2016.

See the next page for the ludicrous contents of this “petition.”

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