Whistleblower: VA Serves Veterans Cockroaches for Dinner

The Obama administration frees jihadists, arms jihadists and feeds bugs to our troops at home. Is this seriously hard to understand?

So when President Obama's successor lauds his record, remember they helped serve our veterans cockroach fajitas.

From Conservative Review:

Kitchen employees have reportedly refused to come to work, afraid that they would inadvertently bring bugs home. The staff is already down 25 positions – food service funding was diverted toward overtime in the medical ward to fix a secret medical wait list scandal two years ago, said Gilkey, the SEIU union steward for the food service employees. “There’s no one in the kitchen to clean,” he added. “A lot of times you have the cook, in his uniform, going upstairs to serve the meals in the hospital. He’s walking into rooms with MRSA, infections, and everything else.”

Kitchen workers have been told not to take photos of the bugs, Gilkey said.

So Clarno visited the kitchen Friday to document the filth. She said her fact-finding visit was not welcomed by a food manager who called the VA police to escort her out of the area.

“The employees were saying, ‘Can you please help us, this is crazy! We don’t have the resources to deal with this,’” Clarno said.

She noted that the floors and equipment appeared to be covered with a layer of grime. Workers said they have never seen a health inspector, but once in a while, the VA will do a cursory bug spray in the area.

A cursory bug spray? We have turned over record amounts of tax dollars and Obama feeds our vets roach pizza?

More from Conservative Review:

Gilkey said he reported the cleanliness and pest issue to the Joint Commission, a non-profit medical accreditation agency. Also on Friday, Joint Commission inspectors were at the VA, handing down numerous citations. The Commission would not immediately provide any inspection reports to Conservative Review.

In addition, a complaint was filed with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which opened an inquiry on March 4, documents show. One report stated that a veteran reported a cockroach in his food on two occasions in December. The case was closed on April 6 without an onsite visit by OSHA because the VA had shown proof that the problem was addressed, said Kathy Webb, area director of OSHA’s Calumet City office.

One of the most vocal critics of the VA is Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), who has demanded the firing of employees involved in the wait list scandal. He sent a letter to the VA last week, wanting to know what the agency has done “to ensure that veterans’ food is handled with the highest standards of cleanliness.”

With President Obama, it's been one VA scandal after another. Do the republicans seriously wonder why Americans have embraced Trump? It's obvious republicans have failed to confront this disastrous President.

Americans are tired of these last eight years.

Source: Conservative Review



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