Whistleblower Reveals Evidence Obama Officials “Hacked” Justice Roberts

The two would-be whistleblowers were once partners in a software business designed to create products that could help in the war on terror. Real estate billionaire Timothy Blixseth, along with former CIA and NSA contractor Dennis Montgomery, both assert the government has long operated surveillance programs that targeted such luminaries as Roberts and Trump.

Tapes released by Federal Judge G. Murray Snow — preserved on a Whistleblower Soundcloud page — show real estate billionaire Timothy Blixseth explaining Brennan and Clapper’s surveillance program to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and detective Mike Zullo. The existence of this surveillance program has been corroborated by Wikileaks’ “Vault 7” release.”

On the tapes, Blixseth walks Arpaio and Zullo through the details of the program on a computer screen. Among those he claimed were hacked are Chief Justice Roberts and Reggie Walton, head of the FISA court that authorizes surveillance programs.

Blixseth also claims he’s seen the log of millions of monitored phone calls, finding his own name along with those of Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg.

On the next page, find out more details and hear audio from a Blixseth telling Arpaio and Zullo how Justice Roberts was hacked:




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