West Virginia Senate Overrides Governor’s Veto on Concealed Carry Bill

Toblin Veto Fails in Senate

There is a certain arrogance in politicians who are accorded special privileges and protections, but decide they do not trust the citizens they represent to conduct themselves appropriately and to be responsible, law abiding members of society. And certainly Democrat leaders like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other party favorites are protected by armed security details, ensuring their safety, even if they are not personally armed.

But when it comes to Mr. or Mrs. Main Street Citizen, who simply want to protect themselves and their families, that is seen as too dangerous and the citizens too untrustworthy to have that opportunity. So Governor Tomblin vetoed a bill  doing away with a West Virginia law requiring citizens over the age of 21 to secure a permit and take a training program in order to carry a concealed weapon. Such laws are often pretext for denying a permit or making the acquisition of such permits inordinately expensive or difficult to obtain. The legislature then decided to take action that reflected the popular will of the people by doing away with the requirments, and Governor Tomblin responded by saying “no.” Sometimes the people win, and in this case, Tombin's high-handed rejection was itself rejected by the people's representatives.

The W.Va. Senate has voted to override Governor Tomblin's veto on the conceal carry bill.

In a 23-11 vote Saturday morning, the Senate voted to override the veto.

This comes just a day after the house voted to override the bill.

The bill now becomes law in 90 days.

Governor Tomblin said at the news conference he vetoed the bill in the interest of officers' safety.

Governor Tomblin issued the following statement Saturday following the announcement of the override, saying in part: “West Virginia’s law enforcement officers have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe and helping us in times of need, and it’s disheartening that the members of the Legislature have chosen not to stand with these brave men and women – putting their safety and the safety of West Virginians at risk. It’s unfortunate that the concerns of officers from every law enforcement branch in the state, including the West Virginia State Police and university campus police officers, have been ignored by today’s action.”

Citizens can now conceal carry a gun without having to apply for a permit or to attend forced training. Governor Tomblin should know that criminals who want guns do not apply for a permit or go to a training class, which some call a ‘fee' to enjoy their Second Amendment rights. The only ones who were harmed by the law were law-abiding citizens who were often left without the ability to arm and protect themselves while the criminals had no such restrictions.

The Governor needs to have more faith in his fellow man, and he needs to apologize for preventing ordinary citizens from having a small measure of the protection and safety that he has. He will likely never be in a situation where he himself will need to be armed, but at least the legislatures reminded him that his is not an imperial position, and the people still have a vote.

 Source: wsaz.com



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