Weld: President Trump has Committed Treason, Comes With the Death Penalty

MSNBC political analyst Elise Jordan and 2020 presidential candidate Bill Weld soothed their Trump Derangement Syndrome on Monday by engaging in a discussion as to whether President Trump could be executed for treason.

“You went a little bit further than just impeachment in your prior comments,” Jordan said, bringing the conversation back to the possible consequence of execution. “And I just want to continue with that a bit. You said that Donald Trump has committed treason, and the penalty for treason under American law, is death.”

“What’s the legal framework here? Have you looked into this? How do you see this proceeding?” asked the host.

Weld responded by saying that “the only penalty for treason is death.” Adding that the President needs “to be carted off to save us all.”

“We have treason,” Weld said after Jordan noted she wanted to continue to see what he meant with his rhetoric. “We can go right for the hoop.”

A whistleblower complaint reportedly stated that Trump asked Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter during a phone call.

Trump denied the allegations, calling them “highly partisan,” suggesting Biden was the one who tried to influence a Ukrainian prosecutor into not investigating his son’s company.

The closer we get to 2020 the more rabid and crazy anti-Trumpers will get. Without any kind of plan for the American people, only a stated agenda to cradle illegal immigrants ad infinitum, the left has no choice but to create as much anti-Trump propaganda as humanly possible.

Source: Daily Caller


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