Weaponized Ethnic Extinction at the Genetic Level

In 1978, while I was in high school, I was working on a role-playing game system called WORLDS which was set in the distant future of Earth and involved 17 different planets and alien races.  The technology that was packed inside the game system was extensive and sprawling, filling literally hundreds of pages.  One of the weapons was a two-part accessory which the character could purchase.  It was a DNA-seeker, one that when the bullet and the gun were paired, if the weapon was fired in the vicinity of a specific person (a 1,500′ radius) the bullet would travel unerringly to its target and strike him/her with a fatal mark.  Even if the weapon was fired in a crowded town square of thousands, it would always find its target with precise operation, quickly and cleanly.

The bullet itself had to undergo specific changes because they were not sold already installed with genetic material of the target.  The player character had to find a way to harvest that genetic material from the target and then use the weapon to assassinate said target without it being traceable to the shooter.  Whole adventures could be created surrounding the obtaining of this genetic material.

Some who could afford to could merely purchase the magic bullet with genetic materials already installed, but the cost was immense.  The more famous and valuable the target, the higher the price for the materials.

Far-fetched, but fun, right?

DARPA is the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a Deep State branch inside the Department of Defense that pairs scientific research with military utilization.  Watchdogs for this group recently underwent a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) application for information directly linked to a new research project deemed almost too purely science-fiction to be true:  A genetic extinction weapon!

Read on the following page about how an off-the-cuff statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin led to a stunning discovery by Jim Thomas, co-director of Erosion, Technology and Concentration (ETC) Group regarding a line of scientific interrogation on the possibility of exterminating an entire race of people through genetic extinction warfare!




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